You must be registered with the OSGA in order to participate and potentially to qualify for the Provincial Summer Games in Brantford August 9-11, 2023. There is a two step process:

Step 1:
Go to OSGA website; copy/paste link below into your browser:
Complete registration form with personal information and provide password.
Click: “I Consent
At bottom, click: “Submit Application
Once you leave this page and are directed to the next one, you are IN the database and should not make any new records.
Keep note of your login/user name and password to manage any changes in future and to sign-up for events, change partners, etc.
Return to the OSGA website/database with credentials previously provided (your user name is your email address). Copy/paste link below into your browser for Returning Members:  


Screen appears with name and password
Click: “LOGIN
If you can’t remember login information, click one of the appropriate boxes: Forgot/Reset Password – OR – Forgot User Name
Step 2:
“Waiver Signature” form will appear.
Be sure to click all boxes.
You will be prompted to provide your electronic signature at the bottom.
Click: “Register Now
Prompt displays your first and last name
Click: “Continue
Step 3:
Follow the prompts to pay $15 OSGA participation fee with credit card.
Click: “Check-Out
Click: “Submit Payment
Participation Receipt will appear on the screen. Confirmation of payment will be emailed to you.
EXIT the Program
You have now completed the initial membership application with the OSGA. However, you now need to follow the ‘Returning Members’ instructions to select events you wish to play in.
SELECT EVENTS and name partners if appropriate
You will be prompted to pay $5 District 12 participation fee and any other fees applicable
Click: “Proceed to Confirmation” at bottom of screen
Review / Verify data on screen
Click: “Confirm Selections
Click: “Pay by Credit Card
Screen will display “Order Section & Fees Due”
Click: “Check-Out
Click: “Submit Payment
Confirmation will be emailed to you
At the district level you may compete in more than one category (example Men’s and Mixed in Tennis); However, you cannot do so at the Provincial Games.